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No two fireworks displays should ever be the same. With the tremendous variety of fireworks products available, each display can be a completely unique and customized to a particular event.


Explore the wide range of products we have to offer so we can craft a display that expresses the emotions you want your event to embody.

Basic shell types

• Chrysanthemums

• Peonies

• Willows

• Kaleidoscope

• Cross Ring

• Bow Tie

• Flashing

• Twinkling Stars

• Serpents

• Lanterns

• Salutes

• Whistles

• Silver Dragon

• Stained Glass

• Mickey Mouse

What do you envision for your fireworks display? Whatever you can imagine, we can create, so let your visions run wild and watch as we bring them into reality.

Give us a call to find out more about our products and begin planning your display


Shell colors

• Red

• Blue

• Green

• Purple

• Lime

• Lemon

• Chartreuse

• Pink

• Pastel shades

• White

Your fireworks display should be uniquely yours. Work with us to design something amazing.

Aerial repeaters, cakes, finale boxes

Ground displays and set pieces

Craft a unique and impressive display with the time-honored tradition of pyrotechnics ground displays and set pieces.


With many of the traditional shapes such as pinwheels and Niagara Falls, to totally original pieces designed and crafted just for you, such as company logos, signs, wedding displays, and more, we can create whatever you can imagine.

• Falling Leaves

• Comets

• Mines

• Crossettes

• Peonies

• Dragon Eggs

• Fish

• Hummers

• Whistles

• Palm Trees

• Crackle

• Chrysanthemums

• Roman Candles

Indoor and close proximity displays

Fireworks don't have to be limited to outdoor celebrations. We offer a variety of options for bring the thrill and beauty of fireworks inside your venue. Many of the same effects can be achieved indoors and out, with some shells able to be deployed as close as 15 feet from a person. For even closer effects, we offer confetti canons that can be used directly beside a person for a dramatic effect.

Create your desired effect

Colors and styles of shells can be combined to create unique effects, such as bursts that change colors, or sparkling colors followed by a loud report.


We offer a tremendous variety of shells, including timed shells that allow us to create dramatic choreography, and Heavy Bottom Shot that literally shakes the ground with the power of the report.

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