Some of our Basic Shell Types

* Chrysanthemums * Peonies * Willows *
* Diadems * Dahlias * Strobes * Waves *
* Palm Tree * Crossettes * Bees *Kaleidoscope *
* Ring * Saturn Ring * Double Rings *
* Triple Rings * Spirals * Hearts * Double Hearts *
* Stars * Star in Circle * Mushroom * Snail *
* Octopus * Spade * Club * Diamond *
* Smiley Face * Mickey Mice * Falling Leaves *
* Cross Ring * Bow Tie * Bow tie in circle *
* Annulus * Stained Glass * Twice Crackling Rain *
* Gamboge * Crowns * Shell of Shells *
* Straw Hat * Kamaro * Flashing *
* Twinkling Stars * Sun Flower * Silver Dragon *
* Brocade * Pixie Dust * Half and Half *
* Waterfall in the Sky * Hummers * Artillery *
* Salutes * Whistles * Serpents * Multi Report *
* Parachutes * Lanterns *

12" Shell

Shell Styles and Colors

3" And 4" Shell

These basic shells types are available in many basic colors such as Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. As well as some unusual colors such as Lime, Lemon, Chartreuse, Pink and Pastel colors and shades.

Now that we have established colors we can now mix and match colors into color changing effects. Such as a Red to Blue Chrysanthemum. Or even a triple color change such as a Red to White to Blue. Our palette of colors and combinations is only limited by our imagination.

Now with our vast array of colors and color combinations, we can mix and match these colors with our numerous effects. Example: a Red to Blue peony with a White Pistol and Palm Flower core. This will be a color-changing peony Red to blue with a white center background and a small palm tree shell exploding in the middle. As you can see the possibilities are endless.

Our next step in shell production is to combine different shells together making multiple break items. Such as something as simple as a Color Report which is a color shell with a salute. A pretty color burst then a thunderous BANG. Again the possibilities become only limited by our imagination. Color / Color * Color / Report * Color / Whistle * Whistle / Report * Thunder / Report. We even have a selection of triple break shells such as Red / White / Blue. American Fireworks offers one of the largest assortments of shell effects in the fireworks industry.

6" Shell

We also carry a complete line of premium American made Italian style Salami Shells. Including our famous Timed Reports in 5 time, 7 time, and 9 time. Many combinations and varieties that include a Heavy Bottom Shot. These are the Ground Shaking Thunderous Reports.

Low Level and Mid Level Products
American Fireworks offers a huge inventory of low to mid level pyrotechnic products. Available in single shot type items as well as multiple shot devices. From basic single shot comets and Roman candles to complex multi shot aerial repeater. With a selection of colors and effects similar to that of our aerial shells.

Wedding Cake
>Aerial Repeaters, Cakes, and Finale Boxes
With the many styles available and, again, a large selection of effects in every style. Such as: Colors * Whistles * Hummers * Dragon Eggs * Fish *
* Falling Leaves * Comets * Mines * Crackle *
* Palm Trees * Crossettes * Chrysanthemums *
* Peonies * and of course Thunderous Reports *

Many of these repeaters have multiple effects available in one device. With our large selection of multi shot repeaters, our large selection of other low and mid level devices, accompanied with our product knowledge and years of experience, we can offer complete low to mid level shows. We can add some of these effects to our standard aerial displays to add an exciting mix to dazzle the spectators; similar to that of our aerial shells.

Ground Displays and Set Pieces

Ground displays and set pieces are almost a lost art. American Fireworks still continues this art with old world style and new modern technology to offer the finest in ground displays. From old time classics like Niagara Falls, Pinwheels, Flags, and Merry-Go-Rounds to modern company logos, we can offer these devices and many more. With our large selection of ground displays, our knowledge, experience and a pyrotechnic shop to build or combine these devices, we can do a complete show with all ground display items. We can add them to a mid level or standard display. We have constructed small items to devices needing a crane to put them in place. We are only limited by our imagination. We have hundreds of signs already made, in many sizes, available. Or we can custom build your name, phrase, saying or company logo.

If You Can Write It We Can Light It

Indoor, Close Proximity Products and Displays.
Most of the styles, colors and effects that have been described in the other categories of this product section are available for indoor use or close proximity application. Some close proximity pyrotechnic devices can be as close as 15 feet from spectators. We also have pre-charged confetti tubes that can be fired right next to someone. Indoor items and close proximity devices are usually custom made for their specific use or event. We can create a whole show using these devices or highlight a special moment. On stage or in an arena inside or outside day or night. Wherever the effect is needed, American Fireworks will provide you with the finest quality pyrotechnic effects available.

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