American Fireworks Manufacturing Company Inc. began its roots in the United States when Vincenzo Speciale emmigrated from Palermo, Sicily leaving behind two generations of Master Pyrotechnicians. When Vincenzo arrived in the U.S., he started The Italian American Fireworks Company. With the help of his son Joseph they built up the business as one of New York State's leaders in display fireworks. Joseph became a Master Pyrotechnician under his father's guidance. Vincenzo died in 1936 leaving Joseph in charge of the growing company.

With the outbreak of World War II, the fireworks display business came to an abrupt halt. Joseph used his pyrotechnic knowledge to manufacture grenades to help the war effort. After the war, fireworks once again thrived. Joseph shortened the company name to the American Fireworks Mfg. Co. Business was booming for the new American Fireworks.

The whole family was involved in the manufacturing processes of making enough fireworks for the many displays and customers. After dinner and the dishes were done, the kitchen table was used to roll the paper cases and tubes that would be taken up to the shop on Dutch Hill Road. These tubes and cases would be filled with the secret ingredients to make them into Fireworks. (The Dutch Hill Road Facility in Frankfort N.Y. is still in use today).

Vinny and Joseph.

The whole family was involved but Joseph oldest son Vincent was the most interested to learn the family craft. Vincent learned all aspects of the business from his father becoming a Master Pyrotechnician. In 1983, Joseph died at which time Vincent purchased sole ownership of the business from his fathers estate.
Vincent and Joseph.

American Fireworks Mfg. Co. was now considered the largest manufacturer of display Fireworks in New York State. With the continued growth of both the manufacturing and display business the company Incorporated in 1986. The company entered the 1990s with steady growth, more leadership help was needed. Vincent hired Kevin Fritschler, a seasoned pyrotechnician, to help oversee the company's operations. Vincent taught Kevin all aspects of the business as he had learned from his father. Under Vincent's guidance and supervision, Kevin also became a Master Pyrotechnician. With the constant growth in the displays, American Fireworks has been forced to outsource much of its manufacturing today. Our products are still made with the same high quality old world traditions as always.

Many products still use the secret formulas brought over with Vincenzo Speciale from Palermo, Sicily in a little black book. Their specialty line of manufactured fireworks products are still made in rural upstate New York. Many high volume fireworks items are manufactured in China, Spain and Japan. Some of these items are made at a factory in China that works exclusively with the American Fireworks Mfg. Co. Inc.
Kevin and Vinny in China.
Kevin and Vinny in China.

Where ever the products are made, Vincent and Kevin constantly check on production to ensure the safety and high quality of their products. From making products on the family's kitchen table to internationally located factories. Hand firing displays with a cigar to computer-fired pyro musicals, American Fireworks continues to evolve into the future as a fireworks leader.

As of 2011 Kevin purchased the business from Vincent. Vincent, not able to fully retire because of his continuing passion, still continues to mentor Kevin and visits the crew at displays.
Vinny getting award

In January 2008, in Rochester N.Y, at the combined convention of The New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs and The New York State Show Peoples Association, Vincent Speciale received the prestigious award of Show Person Of The Year.

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