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Why choose fireworks?


Fireworks are a beloved form of entertainment for all kinds of people. All ages, social classes, genders, and personalities of people love fireworks, making them a fantastic way to entertain a large group.


Are fireworks expensive?


Fireworks are actually one of the least expensive ways you can entertain large groups of people at once. Our prices start at just $2000 for low-demand days and local shows. Our most expensive shows are on July 4, which start at $5000. Our prices are all-inclusive with no hidden surcharges. Be aware, however, that your area may charge a fee for a fireworks permit, which in not included in our contract price unless clearly specified.


How should you choose your display company?


When choosing a display company it is essential to ensure each company you are considering has the requirements that will both create an amazing show, and keep your setting and guests safe. This includes extensive experience, registration with U.S.D.O.T., hazardous material transportation certification, motor vehicle insurance, and licensure. We aren't the only ones that meet these standards, and we have a lot of respect for our competitors and their skill.


Why choose American Fireworks?


We pride ourselves in being industry leaders. We are fully dedicated to fireworks, rather than seeing creating displays as a hobby or a side job. This can result in a limited inventory and dangerously limited experience. We have over 5 generations of experience and carry 5 million dollar insurance policies, as well as worker's compensation. Not all companies have actual Master Pyrotechnicians on staff.  We have 2 Master Pyrotechnicians, in addition to over 20 certified pyrotechnicians, on staff to create the most incredible results for your display.


How far do we travel?


Our normal service area is within the State of New York and the surrounding states; including, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  


How can you become a pyrotechnician?


There is no specific education required to become a pyrotechnician. However, to be certified in New York State as a pyrotechnician, you must be at least 21, pass an exam and have at least 3 years experience. We are always looking for people with a passion for fireworks to join our team and to learn the art and craft of fireworks. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you as a pyrotechnician's assistant (must be at least 18) until you are ready and have enough experience to become a certified pyrotechnician. Pyrotechnicians have a deep and extensive understanding of all things fireworks, and are capable of utilizing all types of fireworks products as well as choreographing effective shows.  Pyrotechnicians also have a full understanding of laws and regulations related to firework displays.


Do we sell fireworks?


We do not sell any types of fireworks to the public. We will ony sell to companies with both State and Federal licensure.


Can we put on a display at your home?


Absolutely. If you have enough space and can obtain the proper permitting from the local authorities, we are happy to give you a show at your home.


How can your show be special?


Every fireworks display is unique. We have many options for creating a special show just for your event, such as, using heart shapes for your wedding or coordinating the colors of the blasts to your school colors. Let us help you create something memorable.


Can we create musical displays?

Yes. We utilize computerized precision timing to choreograph and shoot displays coordinated to music. Prices for these shows start at $15000. For a less expensive approach, we can work with your DJ or sound technician to create very simple choreography. Pricing for these packages will vary.

If you have a large crowd to entertain, or want to add something truly unique and special to your event, choose fireworks and make memories that will last.

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