Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why fireworks?

A. Everybody loves fireworks! Young, old, rich or poor. The fascination of fireworks continues on over all genders and generations.

Q. Are Fireworks expensive?

A. No actually fireworks are one of the least expensive forms of mass entertainment.

Q. How much does a show cost?

A.Our prices start at $2000 for local shows on low demand days. The 4th of July is our highest demand day, prices start at $5000, for a display on that day.

Q. How do I choose a Fireworks Display company?

A. Fireworks displays are a serious business and should be treated as such. There are some "Mom and Pop" operations that believe they meet the minimum requirements to be in business, but with limited experience and knowledge are only a danger to themselves and others. Before you hire a display company make sure they have real experience. Ask for references. How many shows do they do in a year? How much liability insurance do they carry? Do they have workers compensation insurance? Are they registered with the U.S.D.O.T.? Are they certified and licensed to carry hazardous materials such as Fireworks? How much motor vehicle insurance do they have? (A Five Million-Dollar policy is required by the U.S.D.O.T. to carry Display Fireworks) American Fireworks is not the only company that meets these requirements. There are many of our competitors that are true competitors. They follow the rules a perform and produce safe quality shows. We respect them and their level of quality as they respect American Fireworks.

Q. Why American Fireworks?

A. American Fireworks is an industry leader not a follower. Fireworks are our full time job. Many of our so-called competitors work on fireworks on the side. They have full time jobs as Fireman, Mechanics, Factory workers etc, Fireworks are actually a hobby to them. Working with fireworks only on a few weekends a year, they offer limited experience and limited inventory. American Fireworks offers over 5 generations of experience, 5 Million Dollar Liability Insurance, 5 Million Dollar Motor Vehicle Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, A huge inventory, Hundreds of satisfied customers each and every year, and Two Master Pyrotechnicians on staff

Q. What is included in the price?

A. Everything is included. Our shows are all inclusive. There are no hidden costs or surcharges. The contract price is the price for all fireworks, labor, insurance, transportation, set-up and tear down. Some communities have charges for local fireworks permits. These permit fees are not included in our price.

Q. How far will you travel?

A. Our normal area is primarily New York and all bordering states. We do, quite often, go into New Hampshire, Maryland and Ohio. Our boundaries are only limited by the size of the show. If the show was large enough we will go anywhere.

Q. How can I become a pyrotechnician?

A. There is no magic course to take to become Pyrotechnician. American Fireworks as we continue to grow, is always looking for new helpers. We hire people that have an interest in fireworks and are willing to learn. Our training is on the job training. You will work under senior pyrotechnicians until you become Pyrotechnician.

Q. How do you become a Master Pyrotechnicians?

A. Just like the Masters in the Martial Arts Movies. You must make a total commitment to your devoted craft. You must work under a Master and learn all aspects of the Fireworks and Fireworks business from your Master. You must know the ingredients, components, and compositions of all fireworks products. Be able to construct build and manufacture all fireworks products. Import products, Design, package and Choreograph shows. Support logistics for multiple shows. Set procedures for any and all types of shows. Have a complete understanding and knowledge of all rules, laws and table of distances regarding not only displays, but also the storage and transportation of explosives and fireworks. This is only a brief and partial list of what a Master Pyrotechnitition must not only know, but also more importantly, be able to teach to the crews under his or her guidance

Q.Do all Fireworks companies have a Master Pyro?

A.No only few of the full time companies do.

Q. Do you sell fireworks?

A. We do not sell to the general public. We do however sell to people or companies that are licensed with both the State and Federal governments. There are NO exceptions to this. NO LICENSE NO FIREWORKS!

Q.Can I have a display at my home?

A.Yes provided you have adequate space, that meets all legal distances needed and can acquire a local permit from local authorities (we will help you with the permit process) Then you can have a display wherever you would like.

Q. How can I make my show special?

A. Depending on what your event is we can offer many suggestions to make your show unique for your event. Example Heart shells for a wedding. Maybe a ground piece display of your company logo. Talk with our Master Pyro, Kevin to plan your special show. Even one of our standard displays with our vast inventory is sure to be a special memorable experience.

Q. Does American Fireworks shoot musical displays?

A. Yes We offer computerized precision timing firing for a true choreographed experience. We have a large selection of music that we have already performed or we can script your music to fireworks. Prices for these shows start at $15,000. We also offer a less expensive Fireworks/Music package that requires you to have a DJ or Soundman and a sound system. With radio or cellular contact between the fireworks and the soundman we can create the illusion of a simple choreographed display. Prices for these displays start at $4,000

Q. What do I do to have a fireworks display?

A. You can discuss your display with Master Pyrotechnician. Kevin will help you design a show specifically for you. We will work with you to help you with the local permit process. Please look over these first three steps to begin planning your fireworks event.

Step One: Determine an approximate budget. Our prices start at $2000 for local displays. This would include: at least two trained pyrotechnicians to perform all labor required, all fireworks, transportation, insurance and all expenses necessary to perform the display. There are no hidden costs or extra fees. Some locations require permit application fee. This fee would not be included in the starting price. This additional charge to your local municipality would be determined well in advance. Our prices start at $2000. but the sky is the limit.

Step Two: Site selection or Venue. Where is your event to be held? American Fireworks travels throughout the northeast to perform displays and deliver our products to our wholesale customers. So if your event is in the northeast and your budget is at least $2000 continue on. Is your event an indoor or outdoor display? American Fireworks does both. Indoor displays require extensive preparation. Indoor fireworks are custom made for each application. Test shots of all types of devices to be used must be test fired for a Fire Marshall to obtain a permit. Some outdoor locations also require test shot to be fired to determine the size and type of fireworks to be used. An outdoor site would require a minimum area of 200 feet from buildings or spectators.

Step Three: What is the event or occasion? If it's a wedding we would add aerial hearts, double hearts and ring shells. If the budget allows a ground display of wedding bells, hearts, or the couple's names can be provided. Is the display a surprise? We can remain hidden and silent until the time is right. Then, we'll fill the sky with THUNDEROUS REPORTS to get the maximum surprise effect!

Step Four: Once the details are worked out for your display. We will send you a contract for your show. When we receive your signed contract acceptance back. we will issue a certificate of insurance to you as well as any additionally insured parties for your event. Then proceed with helping you obtain the local permit.

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