Types of Displays

American fireworks will customize your display for almost any need, venue, requirement and budget. Inside or outside, large or small, winter or summer, day or night,
American Fireworks does them all.


* Special Effects * Close Proximity * Confetti * Theatrical * Flame Throwers * Mines * Air Bursts *
* Percussion Mortars * Cannon Simulators * Fountains * Whistles * Screamers * Smoke Fog *
* Set Pieces * Pin Wheels * Ground Displays *


* Standard Aerial Displays * Ground Displays * Low Level Aerial Displays * Mid Level Aerial Displays *
* High Altitude Aerial Displays * Hand Fired * Electrically Fired * Computer Controlled Firing *

Indoor and Outdoor Ground Displays Set Pieces Etc

American Fireworks offers a complete line of ground displays including the basics, such as: Flags, Pinwheels, Niagara Falls and about fifty years worth of some old time classics.

We also have a big selection of lance work set piece signs including Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Names, Company Logos, Hearts, Stars, etc If we don't have the ground display name or logo already in our huge stock, we can custom build it for you.

If you can write it we can light it!!

Ground displays and set piece items are available for both inside and out. Inside items become expensive because of using special smokeless powders. Outside lance work signs and some set pieces quite often are accompanied by low level or mid level devices for a more spectacular effect.

Low Level and Mid Level Displays and Devices

* Roman Candles * Mines * Stickless Rockets * Fountains * Comets * Multi Shot Aerial Repeaters * Just to name a few of the items available in our arsenal of low to mid level effects.

Our huge selection of multi shot aerial repeaters offers styles from straight up, angled, fanned, Zippered (a back and forth across the sky style) and even a W style that combines a straight up center with angled sides. Many of these repeaters will have multiple styles and effects in one device. For more details on these items please see our product page.

Pyro Musical and Choreographed Displays

American Fireworks offers the finest in computerized firing. We can add fireworks to your music sound track or we can fire to a live band or orchestra. We offer a large selection of previously scripted music or we can choreograph fireworks to your music. We can fire from multiple locations at the same time with precision timing and accuracy, or, we can fire from multiple locations at precisely delayed times of up to 1/100th of a second apart creating a moving zipper wall of fireworks. We not only offer precision timing to the music but with our huge inventory we can capture the emotion of the music as well. Budgets for these pyro musicals start at $15,000

Musical Fireworks Displays

Not to be confused with the precision accuracy of our pyro musical displays, American Fireworks offers a less expensive alternative to combine music and fireworks. We provide you with special sound tracks of music for you to play over your sound system while we shoot the fireworks. With radio or cellular communication to your DJ or soundman, the fireworks and music will start and end together; creating the illusion of a choreographed display. Budgets for these musical displays start at $4000.

Standard Aerial Fireworks Display

Although American Fireworks offers all types of fireworks displays and special effects the biggest demand is for their Standard Aerial Fireworks display. A Standard Aerial Display will include at least three parts.

Part One: The opening barrage, a finale style beginning to get everyone's attention!

Part Two: The main body of the display, a constant steady firing of aerial shells.

Part Three: The finale. American Fireworks is famous for their intense finale.

If your budget and location allows, some Low and Mid Level items will be used to give another dimension to your show.

American Fireworks can work with you to provide any type of fireworks display you may need. We can combine any of our products, types and styles to provide you with a display second to none. We can control everything from the colors and the noise of your display, to the speed and the altitude. You want only certain colors for a wedding or school colors No problem! You want lots of noise or no noise at all No problem!

A service our competitors only dream about.

Examples of some of American Fireworks Displays


* Fairs* Field Days * Carnivals * Grand Openings * Bicentennials * Weddings * Anniversaries *
* Birthdays * Retirement Parties * Race Tracks, Horse, Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles *
* Car Shows * Baseball Games * Football Games * Marathons * Soccer Games * Hockey Games *
* Regattas * Band Concerts * Rock Concerts * Country Western Jamborees * Schools * Colleges *
*Academies * Military Bases * Winter Carnivals * Fireman's Events * Pep Rallies * Summer Camps *
* Ice Cream Socials * Family Reunions * Ski Resorts * Home Comings * Graduations * Proms *
* Dances * State Fairs * Thrill Shows * Clam Bakes * Company Picnics * Conventions * First Nights *
* Parades * Contests * Beauty Pageants * Historic Events * Casinos * Air Shows * Private Parties *
* State Parks * Empire State Games * Special Olympics *

Holidays Including:

* New Years Eve * Valentine's Day * Presidents Day * St Patrick's Day * Memorial Day *
* Flag Day * Independence Day * Labor Day * Columbus Day *
* Election Day * Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies *

Festivals Including:

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, Apple Blossom, Lilac, Bell, Music, Art, Italian, River and Pumpkin

You can discuss your display Master Pyrotechnician Kevin. He will help design a show specifically for you and your budget. He will work with you help to you with the local permit process.

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