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Fireworks mean something different for everyone. We offer a tremendous variety of shells and effects to ensure the fireworks display that is designed for you takes your emotions and thoughts, and translates them into the lights, colors, and reports that perfectly enhance your event.


Get in touch with us so we can describe each of our shell varieties and create your display.

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For NYS DOL dealer/manufacturers and own & possess license holders with Federal licenses and out of state Federal license holders: View our catalog to see the products that we have to offer. Give us a call to discuss pricing for the various types of domestic and imported shells we have to offer for your to create you displays.

Your fireworks display is limited only by how imaginative you are when envisioning it. Let us help you create something truly astonishing.

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Whether you are interested in blending as many colors and shapes as possible, or want to thrill the crowd with dramatic reports, we will help you choose the shells that are ideal for your display.

Craft a display that shows off your personality and emotions with our variety of effects.

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