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We had our start in this country when Vincenzo Speciale emigrated form Sicily after being raised by two generations of Master Pyrotechnicians.


The company started as The Italian American Fireworks Company, and quickly became one of the leaders of fireworks in New York State. Vicenzo's son become a Master Pyrotechnician and, after the death of his father in 1936, Joseph took charge of the company.

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The outbreak of the Second World War stopped the manufacture of fireworks, but Joseph used his skill to create grenades for the war effort. Once the war ended, fireworks became popular again. Joseph renamed the company American Fireworks Mfg. Co., and business boomed.


A true family business, the company thrived under the efforts of Joseph and his children. After dinner they used the kitchen table to roll the tubes and cases that would be filled with ingredients at the shop to become fireworks. Joseph's oldest son, Vincent, showed the most passion for the craft and was in place to become the Master Pyrotechnician of the company.  Upon Joseph's death in 1983, Vincent purchased the ownership of the company and continued to grow and American Fireworks Manufacturing was considered the largest and foremost manufacturer of display fireworks in the state, we continued to grow and innovate.


After incorporating in 1986, we saw further growth and it became evident that Vincent needed help leading the booming company. He hired Kevin Fritschler to oversee the operations, and Kevin quickly learned what Vincent  was taught at the knee of his father and grandfather.  Kevin went on to become a Master Pyrotechnician.


As the company grew, we were forced to outsource much of the manufacturing operations to keep up with demand. Every shell, however, is crafted with the same high quality and attention to detail as when they were crafted on the kitchen table.


In 20ll, Kevin purchased the business, but Vincent stayed on to continue fulfilling his passion for the art and craft of fireworks, meanwhile he mentored Kevin as he learned to  perfect the choreography of larger and more incredible displays.

Let our 5 generations of experience help you create the fireworks display you have always imagined for your special event or gathering.

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